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We can build the pC of your dreams! Free Assembly! Free Shipping! and Free Consulations!
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Build your dream pc!
We have access to the latest components and parts. We have an even larger selection off site, if there is something you need, chances are we got it.
Prior to placing an order, we can determine whether your components are compatible with each other, otherwise get a 100% return via in instore credit for an exchange.
Something for everyone
we have the latest components available, aswell as parts that don't break the bank. we also have gaming pCs on 0% financing.

we have something for everyone.
Site wide FREE shipping!
everything site wide is shipped free canada wide!

0% Finiancing

get Fiancing on Gamerware PCs, popular hardware, all at 0% interest rate.
Canadian customers only.

how to build a pc
at pc mart

view our build guides and blogs, or contact us directly in regards to building yourself a pC.
View components
view components and related electronics of your choice you'd like, either on Amazon or on pC Mart.
contact us
book a free consultation with us, and we will give you a recommendation, or let you know if there is an issue with your build. If you buy off of PC Mart, we will even ensure that your components are compatible.
Build it
you can begin to build your PC, and can refer to our build blogs here. You are able to contact us for build advice and support along the way.
fail...but then get help and learn from your mistakes
even if you fail to build your very first PC, we can offer to build it on your behalf provided you can cover shipping and insurance. No build fee for PC Mart orders.

pC Mart's purpose

my goal for making this website is to inform buyers on making better purchasing decisions. I have already given lots of advice over the years over social media, so i thought i should just make myself a website at this point.

now i have built pC Mart. A place where I can write articles, recommend products from Amazon aswell from my own store, all while keeping my recommendations monetized and free for anyone that i help.
Jeewan bains
founder of pC Mart
I Like To Help People Make Solid Purchasing Decisions Whenever They Buy Electronics. It gives me joy.

know what services we will provide you

we can consulate you on your computing needs. whether its for a gaming PC, office work PC, Machine Learning PC, or anything else related, try giving us a shot.

We can give you purchasing advice, and even help you setup free of charge. Prior to ordering from pC mart directly, at request, you can get compatibility assurance, or your money back in event of our error.

Confused? Book a consulation!

go on ahead, its free. If you are not sure about what to do for your computing needs, send a request and we will see what we can do.

what our clients say about us

our customers love us. soon you will too
Gamerware is amazing-ware!
Super helpful consultation and assisted setup. PC looks and performs amazing! Best place to get a desktop! Period!
Manraj B.
Customer of a Gamerware System
We have 100% Rated User Feedback on our EBay Store. check it out!
100% EBay Feedback
100% Feedback on our eBay Store.
Super easy experience, amazing support to help you design the pc for you within your price range definitely would recommend 😀

Josh Langoius
Customer of a Gamerware System

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you can find the latest and greatest components at pC mart, shop a wide array of components.

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  • office location: nanaimo, BC
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  • E-Mail: support@pcmart.ca

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