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All About our Financing options

At PC Mart you have several financing options. You can choose what ever plan works better for you.

2% Financing

For orders valued from $1 through $1500, you can use what we call "2%" Financing. We use Humm Payments for this service. You will be charged a 0% Interest Rate over 6 Bi-Weekly Payments. The reason why we call it "2% Financing" is because we apply a 2% Payments Processing fee on top of 0% Financing.

Low interest loans

Orders $1500+ and above can use what we call Low interest Loans. We use Humm's payment services for this feature. You will pay interest rates as low as 10.99%! We charge a 2% Payment processing fee on all humm payments placed through pC Mart.

0% Financing via Gamerware.ca

PC Mart operates under KYBER TEC INC., and so does Gamerware. They can be thought of as brother shops coming from the same father (me).
all orders placed from the gamerware store do not have any sort of interest rate on them at all. powered through humm payments.


  • why do you charge payment processing fees?

    PC Mart only charges payment processing fees on orders placed with Humm Financing. We do this because we wanted to offer the option of financing despite operating on razor thin profit margins. The alternative was to only have Credit Card Transactions.

  • Do you charge any transaction fees on credit cards?

    Canadian Dominated Credit Cards do NOT have any transaction fees. Foreign Credit Cards may or may not follow different rules.

  • Why Humm payments?

    Humm Payments offer consumers lower interest rates than the competition. Humm payments are also focused around customers that try to limit their spending habits, something that my previous like.

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  • office location: nanaimo, BC
  • Phone: +1-604-259-7585
  • E-Mail: support@pcmart.ca

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