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PC Mart is the place to get recommendations on Computer Hardware and Related goods. PC Mart sells directly on site all across Canada, also serving at the same time as an Value Added Amazon Affiliate World Wide.

pC Mart's purpose

my goal for making this website is to inform buyers on making better purchasing decisions. I have already given lots of advice over the years over social media, so i thought i should just make myself a website at this point.

now i have built pC Mart. A place where I can write articles, recommend products from Amazon aswell from my own store, all while keeping my recommendations monetized and free for anyone that i help.
Jeewan bains
founder of pC Mart
I Like To Help People Make Solid Purchasing Decisions Whenever They Buy Electronics. It Makes Me Feel Satisified.
We Recommend you to buy direct from PC Mart, or use our Amazon Links whenever we are out of stock, or there is a cheaper price on Amazon.
*Hover your mouse over the features to see terms of coniditions.
All of PC Mart's Shop pricing is dominated in Canadian Dollars.
regular retail
  • help setting up PC (not free)
  • Compatibility Assistance
  • Compatibility Insurance
  • Free shipping
  • Free Returns
  • Free PC Assembly
  • Single Seller
Our Amazon Affiliate Links
use our amazon links and we'll help you
  • Help Setting up PC
  • Compatibility Assistance
  • Compatibility Insurnace
  • *Free Shipping
  • *free returns
  • Free PC Assembly
  • single seller
  • costs nothing to use our links
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Let PC Mart help you
to find the perfect PC
Components or build

These are some of the ways that we can help
free assembly
Go to our PC Builder, and Build yourself a PC, We will cover Assembly and shipping! Canada Only.
self assembly assistance
Parts you buy, we will help you over electronic communications on how to install them.
Component Compatibility insurance
Request whether the parts you are looking at are compatible with one another, or those in your system. We'll insure they work. PC Mart Direct orders only.
Component selection Expertise
Let us help recommend you some components if you are having difficulties. Its free. and get compatibility Assurance on Direct PC Mart Orders.

PC Mart is so helpful to those building a pc for the first time. You save so much time, money and headaches with thier expertise!"

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What our Clients say about us

If you would like to give us feedback, please use the contact form and give us a review on trustpilot
Gamerware is amazing-ware!
Super helpful consultation and assisted setup. PC looks and performs amazing! Best place to get a desktop! Period!
Manraj B.
Customer of a Gamerware System
We have 100% Rated User Feedback on our EBay Store. check it out!
100% EBay Feedback
100% Feedback on our eBay Store.
Super easy experience, amazing support to help you design the pc for you within your price range definitely would recommend 😀

Josh Langoius
Customer of a Gamerware System

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  • office location: nanaimo, BC
  • Book a Meeting
  • E-Mail: support@pcmart.ca

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Currently, you can contact us. We can send quotes, payment links, and help you through the contact form. PC Mart Direct will be opening again very soon.