PC Mart

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build your a friend a pc, and get paid

Build your friend the PC for them, and we will compensate you.
We pay $35+4% for orders over $1000
We pay 4% for orders under $1000
Example: $1649 PC Build. You would get $100
your order must be placed on pcmart.ca
please read this entire page

your responsibilities

Your responsibilities are to help your friend build their PC, or do it entirely for your friend at their discretion.

If your friend has issues with the pC Within the first year, you are responsible for helping your friend solve the issue.
if you phyiscally damage a component, or damage it yourself, you take responsbility for the damage.

how to get paid

Near the end of our PC Builder, make sure your friend selects "A friend is Building my PC". Make sure your friend puts your name down with correct spelling in the box. We will then pay you.

pc Mart

contact details

  • office location: nanaimo, BC
  • Book a Meeting
  • E-Mail: support@pcmart.ca

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Build your Dream PC at PC Mart

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We're in the process of updating to PC Mart 2.0

Currently, you can contact us. We can send quotes, payment links, and help you through the contact form. PC Mart Direct will be opening again very soon.